How does it work?

We were so excited to finally take charge of the boat. We manoeuvred it up the canal to the marina and felt pretty proud of ourselves as we took it at a 90 degree angle under the bridge and into the marina. Now, Mark has driven narrowboats for years, but is a bit rusty and it’s all a bit new to me. So I’ve been absorbing and Mark has been targeting those little bits of grey matter that are still holding the memory of his canaling day.

Finally berthed in its nice new moorings, we set about working out how it all works.

You know this boat has everything, central heating, 12v, 240v with a generator, immersion heater, calorifier, washing machine, full cooker, multifuel stove with a back boiler, inverter, macerating loo, pump out etc, etc…

It all seems to work on switches and knowing which one does what, has been a true learning experience.

The central heating switch is on when it’s down and off when it’s up. That was confusing. I left it on when we left the boat. And 48 hours later came back and the boat was beautifully hot. But we were low on diesel. So we had to buy a jerry can and put some diesel in. Lesson 1 learnt.

Lesson 2. At home we have a log burner. I don’t think either of us have lit a coal fire. Fail on every attempt so far. So I checked out youtube for advice. We’ve yet to follow it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

On Wednesday it’s my birthday and so long as there aren’t 70 mph winds we’ll be off on our second voyage. I might have a go at steering myself. I know my job will be locks and bridges.

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