Who said pumping up a tyre would be easy?

When I was young, I’d attach the pump to the tyre and pump. Easy. Now I discover there are Dutch valves, Schrader valves and Presta valves and each works a little differently. The are all used to pump up tyres, I had that right. And my Dutch value wouldn’t work with my Schrader pump.

I got an adapter. The adapter was great, I pumped up the tyre and as soon as I took the pump off they tyre went flat. On investigation the valve was faulty. So now I’m going to replace it. Then I tried the other tyre, eureka! it inflated. I stopped for tea and when I came back it was flat.

I’m quite technical, but ended up flummoxed.

However the lovely people at MiBIKE http://www.electric-bikesuk.co.uk couldn’t have been more helpful. first with the adapter, then with advice and now with some tested, new inner tubes, so 10/10 for service. Fingers crossed the next fix will work.

I’m looking forward to testing out the new bikes.


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