On her maiden voyage

Today we took Topsy to the dock for her refit. The trip was only 4 miles but included 6 locks and 7 swing bridges. For the first time this year we had sun and warmth; a couple of showers but nothing that ruined the trip.

Running back wards and forward from lock to lock I felt as though I was 17 again. Mark took the helm and I was the lock running scivy. I have to say I really enjoyed it. I had my friend with me for the best part, and we sat on the lock gates across the water from each other having a chat and passing the time of day whilst waiting for the water to fill or empty.

We met several dogs and passing walkers and a couple of gonzoozlers who liked the look of the boat. Well I do too.

Came home feeling totally energised. Although it took us forever to reach the dock, I think they thought we’d got lost. But we made it in the end and the refit starts on Monday.

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

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