New Year, New boating season


So, we’re about to start 2015. We’re already filled most of April and all of July and have been working on the boat so it’s fresh and ready to go. I always find it so satisfying, rubbing down and painting. We’ve still got one side to paint and the first cruising booking is on Friday, so lots to do to get her ready.

This season, she’s got some new gadgets, well essentials really, a new propellor, new instrument panel, new curtains, bedding and we’ve topped up the kit in the kitchen. Topsy’s got a new paint job and an engine overhaul. She’s looking good and running well.

We’re fighting with the weather to get the painting finished as we need to to three continuous days so the paint gets to dry properly. If it’s not dry the top of the paint forms a skin and the bottom absorbs any rainfall which can leave the paintwork blotchy.

So we’re on weather alert so we can run down at every opportunity to get on with things and danish oiling when the weather is not so good.

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